Courtney Ropp

Finding What The Scene Needs

Courtney Ropp

Courtney has been performing improv and theater on and off since high school. She was a Combat Photographer & Videographer in the US Army for 6.5yrs. Currently, she works freelance on film and photo sets and is the Media Director at Good Luck Macbeth.  Courtney is in preproduction for a feature film she wrote with previous guest, Taylor Riedeman. 

In this episode we ask the question: what does a scene need? Courtney offers some tools and tricks to use on  stage when a scene falls flat, gets stuck in negotiation or is just plain boring.  We also discuss how to know when to add something or when it’s a good idea to just leave a scene alone. When one of us royally messes up an improv game (what? there are no mistakes in improv, I say!), we talk about the very fundamental improv concept of “listen and respond” and turn the clock back to 1974 when John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd became a strong improv duo.   We hope you can join us on our 6th episode of “For The Love Of Improv”!


 Show Notes

Courtney Ropp:
A regular player at Reno Improv, Courtney also donates her time as the Media Director at Good Luck Macbeth Theater|Courtney is a talented photographer and videographer and you can see her work on Instagram @courtcourtoa | You can catch her performance in upcoming shows at Good Luck Macbeth. 

History – Sam Wasson’s Book “Improv Nation” –  Available on Amazon

Dave Razowsky: Find him at

The Reno Improv – Follow them @renoimprov on Instagram and Facebook. They have a show EVERY Saturday at 8PM  (Come early at 6:30 for the Playground – a 1.5 hour workshop exciting for all levels of players.) $5 gets you into BOTH. 

“Herd Immunity” Sketch Show at Reno Improv on 11/23, 11/30, 12/7. 12/14 8:00 pm Tickets available at the door ($10)

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