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Jason Sarna

Originally from Chicago, Jason Sarna has studied sketch writing at world famous improv theaters including The Annoyance, IO and Second City (“Isn’t that where a lot of SNL folks came from?” you ask. “Yup!” God answers.). Currently, Jason teaches Level II, coaches improv team, Sensitive People, and most recently finished up a year long course teaching SKETCH comedy, all at Reno Improv!!

Welcome to this very, dare we say, sketchy episode (we dared indeed) of For The Love Of Improv! In epidsode 7, we talk about different types of sketch, building characters that write your sketch for you, the five point story structure, favorite sketch shows, how sketch overlaps with improv and much, much more!!! Before you get too sketched out (yes, we did it again!), we will put an end this blurb so you can get to listening. Enjoy!


 Show Notes

Jason Sarna:

Jason teaches level II Improv, coaches Improv team, Sensitive people and teaches the year-long sketch comedy writing class at Reno Improv. If you’re interested in signing up for a class with Jason, visit Reno Improv’s website for more information. Catch some of Jason’s sketches that he wrote and performed in here:

The Suit
House of Cards
The Kid


History – Sam Wasson’s Book “Improv Nation” –  Available on Amazon


Second City 

IO (co-founder and Jason’s long-time mentor, Charna Halpern)

The Annoyance

Founder of The Annoyance: Mich Napier

Author, Allan Watts

Dave Razowsky: Find him at https://www.davidrazowsky.com/

The Reno Improv – https://renoimprov.com/ Follow them @renoimprov on Instagram and Facebook. They have a show EVERY Saturday at 8PM  (Come early at 6:30 for the Playground – a 1.5 hour workshop exciting for all levels of players.) $5 gets you into BOTH. 


This Episode’s Segments

  • Game : Bullshit!
  • History: How platforms like YouTube has influenced and inspired sketch comedy. Based on article from Paste Magazine.
  • Concept Of The Day: “Creating a Comedic Character For Sketch”



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