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Who better to kick off season two than Mike Brown talking about Solo improv? In this episode we will talk about all things solo improv, Mike’s amazing travels around the world playing and teaching improv, and some deeper issues around our love of this amazing art form. Stay tuned, this episode is in production and on it’s way to your ears! Check back soon for its release.

“Mike Brown’s Biography is the biography of Mike Brown.” – Perd Hapley

Mike is an improviser, teacher, producer, casting director, and YouTuber living in New York City who occasionally moonlights as a flight attendant just, you know, to pay the rent.

His impressive toy collection seems to impress only himself, and he takes much pride in it.

Though not the founder of Solo Improv, Mike considers himself a pioneer in this area, and has made it his signature style of improvisation since 2009.

In 2017, he was brought on to teach full time at the People’s Improv Theater (NYC), and simultaneously produced a running monthly show (Fury: Earth’s Mightiest Improv), and a yearly Halloween themed show (The Improvised Escape Room) on the same stages.

In the months leading up to the global pandemic, Mike took a job touring internationally with BeerProv, a short-form improv show performing nightly aboard the MSC Meraviglia, a cruise ship sailing through Eastern Canada and the Caribbean.

Mike met his wife in improv class. They once did an improvised musical together about ants bravely defending their colony against scorpions. Mike’s character turned out to be a traitor. All the ants died.


Mike Brown
Mike Brown
Mike Brown

 Show Notes


The Reno Improv – https://renoimprov.com/ Follow them @renoimprov on Instagram and Facebook. They have a show EVERY Saturday at 8PM  (Come early at 6:30 for the Playground – a 1.5 hour workshop exciting for all levels of players.) $5 gets you into BOTH. 


This Episode’s Segments

  • Game : “This Just In”
  • History: TBD
  • Concept Of The Day: Emotional Range



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