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Where Stand Up and Improv Meet

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Where Stand-up & Improv Meet w/ Kat Simmons

What does Stand-up comedy and improv have in common? Well, let’s break it down. If one is the loneliest number, carry the two for duo improv, multiply by an improv team of 7 and divide and conquer. What do you get? Um….a really weird math problem that makes no sense. Don’t worry, in this episode of For The Love of Improv, stand-up comedian, Kat Simmons, is going to sort it all out for us. Not only has she performed standup professionally for decades, she dabbled in improv for many years. If anyone can help us understand the connection between stand-up and improv, it’s Kat Simmons.


Kat Simmons is a 35 year veteran of the international comedy club circuit. You may have seen her at The Improvs, Catch A Rising Star, or on the Comedy Channel, Fox’s Comedy Tonight, or Candid Camera. She has appeared with Tim Allen, Rob Schneider and Kevin Nealon to name a few. She toured with The 3 Blonde Moms, and won the eWomen Network’s international talent contest in Dallas in 2009. She also presented a TedTalk titled “Create Your Life by Honoring Your Own Voice” Kat has taught stand up comedy workshops for 26 years in Minden, NV. 


Kat Simmons
Mike Brown
Kat Simmons

 Show Notes


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This Episode’s Segments

  • Game : “Questions”
  • History: The Groundlings
  • Concept Of The Day: Listening



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